Why Choose TPG:

It has been a sad fact in the real estate industry for many years now that businesses have tended to focus on sales, which inevitably has left property management departments on the back burner. The Property Group has recognised this gap in the local market and has decided to do something about it.

Landlords want to know that their investment is of the utmost priority to the company they engage, after all they have committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to this venture and they want it to succeed.

Perhaps you are investing to establish a comfortable retirement, to provide financial foundations for your children, or this may be your first property and a stepping stone in achieving a well-rounded investment portfolio. Whatever the reason, property investment is not a short term undertaking, therefore you must be able to trust that your property manager is working in your best interests at all times.

Investors employ real estate agents because they are well versed with relevant legislation requirements, have ample local resources and are experienced in the people handling required in the coordination of tenancies.

At the end of the day all property managers must adhere to the same legislation. The Property Group is no different, however our goal is to abide by that fundamental legislation whilst at the same time providing exceptional customer service which is so often lacking in other business structures.

During our research we heard the same complaints from landlords about their management companies over and over again -

‘My property manager never returns my phone calls’

‘The maintenance I approved hasn’t been done’

‘My property is vacant and I have had no feedback from my property manager’

The Property Group aims to always be one step ahead, proactive and wholly dedicated and committed to effective communication with landlords.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss our services, ask questions, meet our friendly staff and experience property management excellence.